Show 2: Cincinnati. Boehner Country. We owned it!

Cincinnati was so special. It is the hotbed of Right To Life propaganda and the media following suit gave us no support AND YET sold out show!
Planned Parenthood, Cincinnati is here for you!

Here are a few of Mindy Tuckers amazing photos. For a complete look at the tour gallery you MUST check out her website

The Kick off in Pontiac was A-Mazing! Let The #Tour4PP begin!

Hey Peeps! Here is a quick wrap up of the Pontiac show with some brilliant photos from Mindy Tucker.

We kicked it off showing Michigan that those who stand with Planned Parenthood are the true majority!

Kick it!

Lizz railing against The Guvmint

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The “Planned Parenthood, I Am Here For You” tour will be stopping in Frederick, Maryland!

The new tour date will benefit Planned Parenthood of Maryland.
The deets:

Frederick, MD
Friday, August 19th   7pm VIP /  8pm Main Event
Venue: Cultural Arts Center
To benefit: Planned Parenthood of Maryland
To purchase tickets, call 410-576-2150 or buy them here.
Become a fan of Planned Parenthood of Maryland on Facebook or follow their blog!

See you there!