Maryland recap

Hey guys! I have  a massive zit so I am not doing a vlog, nope not!

This was a fantastic show on so many levels!

First of all, the MD peeps came out, just about 200 of them! Now it’s official, we have a Planned Parenthood community in Fredrick. That is so awesome!

The staff and crew at Planned Parenthood were pumped at the volunteers were outstanding.

Sioban and Meeshele were delightful and added so much to the night. A former Miss Fredrick and a kickass alterna vegan mom and hilaritress!

Special thanks to Corey Pandolph who came to Fredrick and took these lovely photos.

You all were awesome.

So many first time donors, so many new young faces!

The pro choice movement is alive and well and kicin’ it in Maryland!

Oh, and these people showed up.


Thanks for being so lovely

Peace, Lizz

Enjoy the photos!



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