Pittsburgh Post Show wrap up

Thanks to Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania for such a great night! The Bricolage Theater is a wonderful space and Gab Bonesso and John McItyre were delighful additions to the show.

And a special thanks to the ladies of OnThe Spot whose cookie table was brilliant. Peanut butter cupcakes and my fav lime shortbread cookies were sjust a ew of the treats!

Here is a bit more about what On The Spot is doing to help young women!

Thanks for supporting the tour!

Twitter handles

Gab Bonesso @gabbonesso

Planned Parenthoot Western PA @PPWP

The Bricolage Theater @bricolagePGH

On The Spot: @JenEngland

And of course the twitter handles of my amazing team

Mindy Tucker: @withreservation The woman capturing the tour with her beautiful photos

Matt Gorman @M_gorms My tour manager and vdeographer who is capturing the story of why we are on this journey!

Check out Mindy Tucker’s latest photos from Pittsburgh and the rest of the tour here

Boston Vlog up next and Don’t miss our show in Philly, July 20th!

The #SmearCampaign #Tour4pp is just getting started!



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