Tour Teaser!

A few of my thoughts on the attacks against Planned Parenthood …


One thought on “Tour Teaser!

  1. Surely you have heard about what just happened to PP in KS. Can we get a tour here?

    Last week Wednesday, July 29th, Governor Brownback of KS took away ALL of the federal money earmarked for Women’s Health Service provided through Planned Parenthood and gave most of it to a KC area medical center [I suppose to develop an expanded program – or maybe to redecorate, who knows?] But the worst of it is he gave part of it to an UN-NAMED family planning clinic in Ellis County [Ellis County in Western KS on I-70 – who says he never gives us anything?]

    The POINT is, NO ONE can find out where the money is going. There IS no other family planning clinic in Ellis County than PP. The local newspaper has been trying to discover WHO or WHAT gets the federal money and no one can [or will] say! Don’t know if it is a violation of sunshine laws or merely “inefficiencies” in the state system. Our tax dollars at work supposedly, but where? And where are the FHSU students and others of limited income in western KS to get healthcare assistance?

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